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Temtop TemLog W1 Intelligent Wifi Temperature Data Logger Double Temperature Sensors Free Cloud Platform & Cell Phone Application

Product Overview: Cold watch safety monitor of temperature TemLog W1 is a high-tech product based on networking technology. It is widely used in foodstuffs,...

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Product Overview

Cold watch safety monitor of temperature TemLog W1 is a high-tech product based on networking technology. It is widely used in foodstuffs, catering, logistics and industries that require HACCP system certification. It can transmit data by Wi-Fi to our cold-chain cloud platform. Users can view, manage and monitor data online remotely by browser or smart phone APP. It also has functions of alarm reminder via the platform and buzzer.

Cold watch TemLog W1 has double temperature sensor. With a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, it can provide real-time data uploading and platform alarm service even in case of cold storage power outage.


Features and functions:

• The probe has high sensitivity and reacts quickly.

• Keep running for at least 6 hours after power supply is disconnected.

• Set alarm threshold values and alarm reminder. The LED indicator will flash and buzzer will beep in case it is beyond the threshold values.

• Set uploading interval and control data records freely.

• Record 20000 points of data, with no data storage limit in server.

• Connect Wi-Fi access point, collect data and upload real-time data to the cloud platform.

• Export data flexibly in multiple formats via the cloud platform.


Technical parameters:

Power supply: 5V/1A(DC);

Temperature measuring range: -40℃~80℃;

Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃ (-20 ℃ ~ 40℃); ± 1 ℃ (others);

Temperature resolution: 0.1℃;

Temperature sensor type: NTC;

Temperature sensor wire length: 5m;

Data uploading interval: 1 min to 24 hours;

Off-line record capacity: 20,000 points;  

Alarm output: LED indicator, buzzer, platform reminder;

Communication port: WiFi;

Standby battery: 3.7V 1100mAH lithium battery.

Package Included:

1X TemLog W1 Logger

1X Temperature Sensor (5 Meters Long)

1X Power Adapter

1X Instruction


To download the manual, please click here.

To log in the free-to-use Cloud Platform, please click here.

A quick video tutorial on how to use Elitech wireless data logger(sampled by RCW-800WIFI):

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