Elitech LMC-100A 220lbs/100kg Electronic Refrigerant Scale



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refrigerant charging scale

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Refrigerant Scale Elitech LMC-100A

Key Feature:

  • Two display modes: kgs and lbs. Digital Charging Scale Capacity to 220 pounds (100 kilograms).
  • Extra large LCD display with background lamp. Slip-Resistant 9" x 9" weighing Platform.
  • This Charging/Recovery scale allows automatic charging or recovery operations. Good for all sized popular refrigerant tanks. Can be used with all refrigerants.
  • Rugged, compact design, completely portable. Made of high-quality plastic & metal material, durable and sturdy, high accuracy and resolution.
  • Heavy duty carrying case included- goes easily where you need it.

Safety Rules:

Before using the scale, check whether it is damaged or abnormal. Please don't use it if any abnormality occurs, such as damage of the case or rubber mat on the scale pan, no display in the LCD, etc.
Do not weigh objects over range, Please check whether the object to be weighed is within the range of the electronic scale.
Please place the scale on a flat surface.
Do not use or place the scale in humid, high-temperature, flammable and explosive environment and strong electromagnetic field.
Please do not change its internal circuit casually to avoid the damage of the scale.
Please do not pull hard the helical line to avoid the damage of circuit sensor.

Packing list:

  • User manual *1 piece
  • Plastic box *1 piece
  • Electronic scale *1 piece
  • Standby battery *1 piece

Operation Instruction:
Operation environment
1) Place the scale on a flat surface.
2) Operation temperature range: -10℃-40℃
3) Temperature fluctuation range: 5℃/h
4) Relative humidity: 50-85%
5) Accuracy: LMC-100A:±0.5%rdg+10g
6) Resolution: LMC-100A: 5g
LMC-100F: 2g

Power on the scale
1) Press the key"POWER",the LCD displays"00000-99999"circularly, including the scale enters the mode of weighting.

Place the object directly on the scale pan and read the data directly. The scale can weight 220lbs(LMC-100A)and 110lbs(LMC-100F)at maximum.

Other functions
1)Switch unit: Press key "UNIT" to switch the unit between "kg"and"lb".
2)The scale will power off when there is no change for the weight on the pan for more than 10 minutes.
3)The symbol(-)lights to indicate negative weight.
4)Battery symbol(on top right corner)lights to indicate the internal battery is in low voltage.(Note:Main board power suppkt voltage is 9v. Minimum low voltage is 6V.)

Key Operation
"Z/T": Press this key in weighing mode to clear. Clearing range: full weighing range.
"LAMP": Press and release it, the backlight will automatically extinguish in 10s. Press and hold the button for 3s to keep the backlight light all the time. Press it again to extinguish it.
"UNIT": Used to switch the weight unit between "kg"and"lb".
"POWER": Turn on/off the scale. Press and hold the button for 1s to turn off the scale.

Maintenance and repairing
1. Clear the surface of the scale by web cloth with a little detergent. It is forbidden to wipe the scale body and rubber mats with a chemical solvent.
2. If any abnormality is found when using the scale, please stop using it and get it repaired.
3. Please send it to professionals or designated repairing places for calibration and repairing.
4.Power off the scale when finishing a measurement. Please take out the battery if the scale will not be used for a long time.
5. Do not place the scale in humid, high-temperature environment and strong electromagnetic field.

The battery used is not rechargeable.
Battery standard: 6LR61 9v
Max Weight: LMC100A 220lbs/100kg
LMC100F 100F 110lbs/50kg



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