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Temperature Data Logger

How should I download software for the temperature data logger?

How should I erase data? I tried erasing, not successful.

Does your temperature data logger have a remote cable sensor. My maximum temp is 150 F.

How should I calibrate this? I'm seeing 4-5 degree temp variations based on a nother thermometer right next to this?

What is the difference between RC-5 and RC-5+?

When recording data does the temperature display on the Elitech RC-4?

Can the software be set to automatically write each reading to a file that can be read by another program?

RC-4: Would this be good for monitoring temp's inside a computer case?

RC-4: Can this do any sort of alerting if the temperature varies beyond a given threshold? Like an email if it gets hotter 90 degrees.

What is the sampling rate?

RC-5+: Can data be exported to Excel?

RC-5+: Can these be calibrated?

RC-5+: Do you have a certificate that can send to me?

RC-5+: Is a battery included?

RC-5+: How long does the battery last while logging information and how many days on continue logging can it record?

RC-5+: What time period can you set the report to cover? I am trying to monitor the freezer settings over a 3 month absence?

RC-5+: Is it compatible with Mac?

RC-5+: How I can change to Fahrenheit?

RC-5+: My computer usb is not recognizing the device anymore. the rc-5+ screen is flashing, "pdf." anybody have this issue? device battery is good.

RC-51H: Can this export to a spreadsheet/excel document?

RC-51H: I use linux can i just plug it in to a usb port and view/download the pdf? i know i can't set the configurations unless i do that on a win/mac box.

RC-51H: How often do you have to download / clear memory?

GSP-6: Does it come with an external humidity sensor?

GSP-6: How is the data downloaded - is it Bluetooth or do you plug it into a computer?

GSP-6: How to start recording?

Refrigerant Leak Detector

ILD Series: Does this use a vacuum to draw in air?

ILD Series: How to test? Is it easy for user?

ILD Series: What is the role of the UV light ?

ILD Series: How easy is it to clean?

ILD Series: Does it come with case?

What's the difference between ILD100, ILD200, and ILD300?

WJL-6000: Is the sensor tip replaceable?

WJL-6000: The batteries were installed, but it still did not turn on?

WJL-6000: It was hard to find a leak, did I do something wrong?

WJL-6000: Will this detect vacuum leaks?

CLD-100: Is this user friendly for a non professional?

HLD-100+: Will unit test R1234yf new car freon?

HLD-100+: Does it detect nitrogen? We pressurize the systems with nitrogen to find leaks.

LD-200: Does the ld-200 detect hfos e.g. r1234yf etc.?

LD-100&LD-200: What is the difference between them?

LD-100: If Isobutane R600a is included in the list of refrigerants, is there any reason to not use this instrument for combustible gas leak detection?

LD-100: What type of battery does it use, expensive lithium or common AA batteries?

Which Elitech device detects r410a?

Refrigerant Pressure Gauge

PT-500&PT-800: What the pressure range? Please

PT-500&PT-800: How do you get the temperature readings from the temperature probes ? from the red & blue gauges ? I did not see any input ports .

PGW-800: Is it bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

PGW-500: Can this be used with nitrogen?

PGW-500: Do you sell the temperature test clip apart so I can attach to this gauge?

PGW-500: Does this read a vacuum? For HVAC

PG-30Pro: Will it display the units in microns?

PG-30Pro: What are the dimensions of these gauges?

PG-30Pro: Which 87 refrigerants are pt’s built in?

PG-30: Will this read regular air pressure (in psi) at the advertised accuracy (±0.5%fs)

Refrigerant Charging Scale

Does the scale come with a carrying bag or case?

LMC-200: Can you explain the accuracy rating of ±0.05% rdg + 10g. I understand "%", but what does "rdg + 10g" mean?

LMC-100A: Those this scale have a auto shout-of? and if it those hold memory once you tune back on?

LMC-210: Does it read in ounces?

LMC-310A: How do you connect the phone to the scale? Having trouble finding the info.

LMC-310A:What hoses are needed when using the charging valve, and what fitting sizes need to be on the hoses? I'm using 134a refrigerant.

LMC-100F: Can this scale measure 12oz cans accurately?

LMC-100F: Can this scale be calibrated by the user? Is there a procedure provided by the manufacturer for calibration?

LMC-310: What is the difference between 310 and 310A?

LMC-310: Can you preset the amount you need and will the charge valve turn off when it’s filled to the set amount?

LMC-310: How connect to phone?

LMC-210A: R134A Compatible?

LMC-300: What does the charge valve do?

LMC-300: Does it ever need re-calibrating? If so can it be calibrated? How is this done?

LMC-300A: A 5 gallon bucket is 10 1/2 inches will it fit scale?

LMC-300A: The entire unit including the handle waterproof?

Air Quality Monitor

M10: What's the difference between M10 and P10?

M2000: Can it able to measure tsp?

M2000: Can this detect benzene or napthalene?

M2000C: What's the difference bwtween M2000 and M2000C?

P1000: Is it portable? are batteries included? are batteries replaceable?

P1000: Can it display temp in F or only in C?

Airing-1000: Are the carrying case and manual included in the package?

Airing-1000: Does this unit detect ozone or radon?

P600: Has this device a datalogger?

M1000: How do you enable pm10 display? it seems to display only pm2.5.

H2: Will it detect if my downstairs neighbors are smoking crack? Same horrible smell, same time every night.

H3: Does the device measure moisture?

H3: What is the difference between model H2 and H3?

LKC-1000 Series: In layman's terms what is difference between the p600, lkc-1000e, 1000s and 1000s+? I am mainly concerned about measuring secondhand smoke.

LKC-1000S+: Does product detect mold and chemicals?

LKC-1000S+: What volatile organic compounds does this product detect?

LKC-1000S+: Down to what size particle will this device measure? .01 microns?

LKC-1000S: What is the input voltage for charging Lithium battery. Will the charger work off 220V?

Temperature Controller

STC-1000: Can you calibrate it? The temperatures shown on the unit are little off.

STC-1000: Can I use this on a kerosene heater?

STC-1000: Does this plug into wall outlet?

STC-1000: I cannot get the device to function. I only want to control a heat lamp.

STC-1000: Would this work to turn on an attic fan when the temperature reaches - say 90-100?

E-1000: Which one relay is for defrost output?

ATC-1550: Does this have the ability to have a remote sensor?

ATC-1550: Is the probe waterproof? Does it work for aquariums?

EK-3030E: Should I connect the heater to the defrost wire?

EK-3030E: Does this have time delay between fan and compressor start? Fan run at temp start set point / compressor cycle; compressor stop then fan shut down.

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Is it safe to order from you?

What is your product warranty?

Will Elitech save my personal information?

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