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Elitech VGW-760 Wireless Digital Vacuum Gauge

Overview:Thank you for buy our brand new vacuum gauge, please read this manual and become familiar with the specifications and...

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Thank you for buy our brand new vacuum gauge, please read this manual and become familiar with the specifications and operation of the gauge prior to use. VGW-760 is a wireless digital vacuum gauge for obtaining accurate vacuum measurements during filling refrigerants. It features professional vacuum sensor to precisely test vacuum. The evacuation of a hvac and refrigeration system is to evacuate the air and misture in the system, which, if mixed with refrigerants, may produce acidic chemical reaction, causing damages to the system in long term. Generally system vacuum should be below 700 micron so that the moisture in the system can be effectively reduced. The best vacuum is 300 micron. Ordinary refrigerants cannot meet this requirement. VGW-760 is used to test system leak and discern vacuum pump quality.

– View data on mobile app
– Record data and generate report
– Data analysis in graphs.
– Settable high/low pressure alarms.
– Protection grade IP65.

Measuring range: 0-19000 micron
Operating temperature 0°F~140°F(-178°C~60°C)
Resolution: 0-400 1Micron
400-3000 10Micron
3000-10000 100 Micron
10000-19000 250Micron
Wireless transmission distance: 30m
Offline records: 9943 readings
Fitting: 1/4″ Male Flare
Product size: 127*74*37mm
Power supply: 3 AA batteries
Max overpressure: 27.5 bar
Time in use: 180h
Units: inHg, Torr, psia, mbar, mTorr, Pa, micron, kPa

Operation Instruction
1 )Press to turn on the gauge before connecting it to a system It will take 10 seconds for the gauge to warm up. Then it enters normal display.
2)After power on, the gauge will display “—-” if the current pressure goes above its measuring range. Data do not show until the measured pressure is within the range
Note: Keep the pressure below 27.5 bar, otherwise the sensor may be damaged.
3)Make sure the connection type of the access system matches with the gauge fittings. If not please use the included adapter.
4)Press and release the light button to turn on backlight. The backlight will be auto off two minutes later. Press in two minutes to turn off backlight directly
5)Press and hold the light button to switch measurement units.
6 ) Press and release the wireless button to enable wireless connection. Press it again to disable
wireless connection.
7)Press and hold the wireless button until “REC” appears in the screen to enable record function. Press and hold the wireless button again to disable this function.
8) Press and release the power button to turn off the gauge. Please use special tools to remove it.
Note: Please do not close the vacuum pump before removing the vacuum gauge from the system, or high pressure may occur in the system so that impurities will enter the sensor cavity.

Clean the sensor: 
The vacuum sensor may be contaminated by impurities in use. To ensure its accuracy, please follow the steps as follows:
1)Turn the gauge off and remove batteries
2)Inject acetone or alcohol (>70%)into the vacuum cavity with a dropper or a syringe. Tighten the nut and gently shake the gauge.
3)Loosen the nut and drain the fluid from the cavity. Repeat such operation 3 to 4 times.
4)Evacuate it or place it for 3 hours until the sensor gets dry.

1. Please use the gauge in specified environment to avoid error or damage of the sensor.
2. Please do not use chemical solvent or corrosive liquid to clean the gauge.
3. Please do not disassemble the gauge.
4. Remove the batteries if the gauge is not to be used for a long time in case the leakage
corrodes the gauge. The batteries included are not rechargeable. please do not charge them.
Please use a special tool to install or disassemble it. Do not strongly rotate the shell in case
it is damaged.

Package contents:
VGW-760 Wireless vacuum gauge ————————————-1
AA alkaline batteries—————————————————-3
User manual————————————————————-1
Three-way connection ————————————————–1
Bent adapter————————————————————-1

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