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Elitech RCW-800Wifi Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger APP Monitoring with Email Alerts

Product description: Elitech RCW-800 Wifi  temperature logger is a two channel temperature and relative humidity data logger based on the Internet...

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Product description: 

Elitech RCW-800 Wifi  temperature logger is a two channel temperature and relative humidity data logger based on the Internet of Things technology. All data recorded is transmitted via Wi-Fi network infrastructure. There is no communication fee, thereby, reducing operational costs and fees.

With this technology, users can view, manage and monitor data from Elitech Wi-Fi temperature logger in real-time. It allows for offline logging and online synchronization to ensure data safety and accuracy. They can access up-to-date data via a smart-phone app or browser.

A freely settable upload interval, data statistics and analysis makes all Elitech Wi-Fi temperature loggers convenient and reliable. Their multiple alarm modes, threshold and upload intervals can be configured depending on the cold chain supply management system.

For a fact, this Wi-Fi temperature logger is a versatile equipment suitable for pharmaceutical, cold storage, cold cabinet, medical cabinet, cold food storage, fresh food storage, laboratory, etc.


Product features:

1. Wi-Fi access, no communication fee, reducing operation and maintenance cost;

2. Freely settable upload interval, convenient for data logging, statistics and analysis;

3. Unique touch button, wireless connection to software, on-site configuration of parameters;

4. Real-time uploads of data to cloud, offline logging and online synchronization to ensure data safety.



Power supply: 5V/1A(DC)

Temperature measuring range: -40°C~80°C;

Temperature display resolution: 0.1°C;

Temperature accuracy: ±0.5°(-20°C-40°C); ±1°C(others);

Temperature sensor type: NTC

Humidity measuring range: 0%RH-95%RH;

Humidity display resolution: 0.1%RH;

Humidity accuracy: ±5%RH;

Humidity sensor type: Honeywell;

Data uploading interval: 1 min to 24 hours;

Off-line record capacity: 20,000 points;

Alarm output: LED indicator, buzzer, platform reminder;

Communication port: WIFI;

Standby battery: 3.7V 1100mAH lithium battery.


Package Included: 

1X Elitech RCW800 WIFI

1X Temperature and Humidity Sensor (5 Meters Long)

1X Power Adapter

1X Instruction



To download the manual, please click here.

To log in the free-to-use Cloud Platform, please click here.

A quick video tutorial on how to use Elitech wireless data logger:

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